Why Choose Panoramic Doors?

When we set out to build the most affordable and user friendly folding patio door, we made a decision to never compromise on quality or customer satisfaction. Five years after the inception of the Panoramic Slide-n-Pivot patio door, we have garnered multiple design awards and have amassed thousands of happy customers all across North America.

The Panoramic Folding Patio Doors are an affordable alternative to the costly bi-fold, accordion, and glass wall systems that have become so popular over the past decade. Now, with the introduction of the Panoramic Folding Patio Door, you too can enjoy the luxury of a wide open space at a price you can afford! We are so confident that you will love our price that we even have an instant online quoter so you can know how truly affordable your Panoramic Door will be.

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Ultimate Control for Complete Comfort

By removing the hinges, we have stripped away the limits inherent to typical accordion and bi-fold doors. Rather than a door that dictates the opening, the Panoramic Door gives you complete control over how many panels are open at any time.

Award Winning Innovation

Recognized by industry leading publications for innovation, the Panoramic Folding Patio Door is a feature rich door system with multiple advantages over the typical accordion/bi-fold doors.

Magnaline Systems was recognized by Glass Magazine as the to

2013 “Most Innovative Hardware”

Glass Magazine

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2014 “Most Innovative Door”

Window & Door Magazine

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2014 “Most Innovative Door Component”

Window & Door Magazine

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Thoughtfully Designed

Key Features

Independently Moving Panels

It took the willingness to step back and re-evaluate the core concepts of how a folding door should work to bring about the revolutionary design seen in the Panoramic Folding Patio Door. Rather than have a series of panels connected to each other with hinges, we have designed a door where the panels move independently of each other. More freedom, easier operation and total control of the opening.

Bottom Track Supported

Large doors are heavy. Most folding doors are “top hung” meaning that the weight of door is borne  by the header. That’s why most folding door systems require specially engineered headers. The Panoramic Door is different. With the Panoramic Door the weight of the panels is supported by the bottom track. The result? No special header needed to use our door.


While the popularity of wide opening folding doors is growing, the thing that stands between most people and there dream home is the high cost associated with this type of door. Panoramic Doors changes everything. Designed and built with the consumer in mind, the Panoramic Door is the first (and only) truly affordable folding door on the market today.

  • Vinyl, Aluminum or Wood: Choose the finish that meets your needs.

  • Unlimited Colors: Over 200 paint colors and custom color matching for aluminum.

  • Easy Open Panels: Individual panels are easy to move no matter how large the door system is.

  • Weather-ability: Designed to withstand wind and rain, meeting the exacting standards of BS6375.

  • Thermal Protection: All Panoramic Doors are designed to maximize thermal protection.

  • Real Wood Cladding: Choose from a variety of woods for a more luxurious feel.

Painted Aluminium

Hundreds of Colors to Choose From

Life is full of color. Your home is  a place where the use of color is most important; it sets the mood and creates a comfortable atmosphere for you and your loved ones. That’s why here at Panoramic Doors we offer hundreds of colors to choose from.

Even better, if we don’t have a color that is perfect for your door, send us a paint chip and we can custom match a color for you! Available on both our ThermaClad and Signature Aluminum doors.

All Natural Wood Cladding

Luxury You Can Feel

Nothing feels or looks like real wood. Choose from a variety of paint-grade and stain-grade wood for interior, exterior or both! Available on both our ThermaClad and Signature Aluminum doors.

Multi-Point Locks

Security at Every Point

The swing door panel(s) come equipped with a deadbolt and two or more hooks that lock into the neighbouring panel to ensure security. The panels cannot be lifted out of the track and the interlocking grooves between the panels means you can relax knowing that once you shut and lock your doors they can not be pried open or taken out of the outer frame.

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