1. Turn the knob and twist the handle down and the Swing Door is unlocked

2. Slide adjacent panel towards the opened swing door. The bottom guide of the sliding panel will come into contact with the bottom guide under the swing door. You may need to give the upper side of the sliding panel a continued gentle push so that the magnets in the top track connect holding the wheels on the opposite side of the panel off the track. See images below.

Top track magnets not connected. Wheels are on track. The panel cannot pivot out.

Top track magnets connected. Wheels are off track. Panel can swing out in this position.

3. Press down on Hinge Panel Release Tab to allow panel to swing away from track.

4. Open panel to full position. Continue to do the same with remaining panels.

5. When closing sliding panels, pivot open panel to position it back over track. Pull on Pull Handle to separate magnets in top rail allowing panel wheels to drop back onto bottom track.


Continue with each panel until all door panels are closed.