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Maximize indoor space through natural lighting and breathtaking views. The Aluminum Sliding Door range is America’s long-lasting solution for enhancing commercial and residential properties with high-quality style.
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Introducing Our Signature Aluminum Sliding Door Series

For over a decade, Panoramic Doors Aluminum Sliding Series has been the product of choice for both residential and business projects, combining the magic of interior design and exterior landscape to enhance a property’s potential. Developed with the versatility to adapt to various interiors and setups, the sliding door range enhances space with long-lasting, high-quality aluminum materials and Panoramic Door’s award-winning “Slide-Pivot-Stack'' system.

Choose American Made Sliding Aluminum Doors

We’ve been revolutionizing the sliding glass door experience since 2010, incorporating the latest engineering, designs, and US-sourced materials to create high-quality sliding doors that complement and enhance commercial and residential spaces.

Sourcing High-Quality Aluminum

Resilient against rusting and strong against the elements, our Sliding Door range offers a high-quality American-sourced aluminum frame for long-lasting use and a tough DP50 design (Design Pressure Rating). A 10-year warranty is included as standard.

Incorporating Versatile Designs With Advanced Technology

Choose a sliding door that offers more than just an entrance point. Our aluminum range is developed to maximize space and encourage natural light, featuring the latest door technology for guaranteed high-quality builds and designs. Contact our team to discuss track installation options, swing direction, additional screen protection, and our innovative hingeless operations for an advanced, award-winning door set-up.

Pick Your Pallet With 200 Colors and Appearances

Discover the Panoramic Experience with Aluminum Sliding Doors customized for your property. With over 200 colors and appearances to choose from, including real wood look panels, you can recreate the inspirations of trending interior designers or develop a design of your own, with a selection of panels to fit both interior and exterior settings.

Enhanced Security For Your Property

Security is the number one priority for any property, which is why you need a sliding door that doesn’t compromise the safety of your space. Our aluminum sliding door range encompasses high-specification security features, from sealed interlocking tongue-n-groove to discrete multi-locking systems for total peace of mind for residential and commercial customers.

Customizable Your Space With Sliding Doors

Focusing on adaptability, with the continued dedication to high-quality materials and innovative designs, our Aluminum Sliding Doors offer the unique opportunity to embrace the Panoramic Experience without large alterations to the integrity of a room. With revolutionary hinge-free design and unique bottom track technologies distinct from the Panoramic Door’s sliding door range, master advanced control of room lighting, foot traffic, and airflow in your space.

Choose Cost-Effective Aluminium Doors

By reducing the amount of hardware needed to operate and install our sliding doors, the Aluminum Sliding series provides an affordable, stylish solution to the needs of many homes and businesses. Popular amongst hospitality venues and homeowners, the sliding door range is available in unlimited widths and up to 10ft to conveniently accommodate a range of property dimensions and styles.

Start Your Panoramic Experience

Ready to level up your property? Contact the award-winning Panoramic Doors team to discuss your requirements or request a quote from one of our friendly representatives.

California Dreaming with Aluminum Sliding Glass Doors

Resort living and picturesque views - the Sobey House Rd project is a testament to the possibilities of panoramic sliding doors. This Saratoga property development features 6 aluminum door systems to encompass space, natural light, and surrounding beauty, embracing the outdoor beauty of California’s breathtaking landscape with a modern interior space.

Choose Panoramic Doors For Your Room Upgrade

Whether you’re a builder, property developer, or home builder, we’re a team of award-winning door specialists ready to support your next project. Connect with our team today.

Enjoy The View With Panoramic Sliding Doors

Residential Sliding Aluminum Doors

The opportunities for the Panoramic Experience are endless, enhancing living areas, bedrooms, kitchens, and outdoor spaces such as patios or balconies. Easily customizable for home builds and remodels, our sliding door range complements a range of residential spaces, built with strong high-quality aluminum for improved security and energy efficiency.

Sliding Aluminum Doors For Business

Transform your commercial space with natural light and panoramic views. Our sliding door range is a popular choice amongst office concepts, restaurants, educational establishments, and more, with industry-leading security features and durable designs to keep businesses safe and secure.

Find Inspiration Across 13 US States

Find inspiration to unlock your property’s potential at one of our 21 showrooms, operating across 13 different states. View a range of designs and models and discuss options with our expert team from one of our many convenient locations.

Product Details

+ Made in America

+ 10 Year Warranty

+ Hingeless construction

+ Slide Pivot + Stack patented design

+ Interlocking tongue-n-groove for superior seal and security

+ Master swing door on every system

+ Concealed multi-point locking system for ease of operation and security

+ Available in over 200 colors

+ Screen option for year-round comfort and protection

+ Inswing or outswing

+ Available with opposing colors interior/exterior

+ Flush or Upstand track options

Key Features

+ Design Pressure Rating, DP 50

+ Florida Building Code Approved

+ Compatible with Corner Door

+ Compatible with Flag Door



Signature Aluminum Specs


Exterior Aluminum Sliding Doors: Perfect For Outdoor Living Spaces

“My wife and I have always liked bi-folding and segmented sliding doors. This door system is the best of both. The easiest and smoothest to operate. Doesn’t have the pinch points and safety concerns of most bi-folds because of the unique design. Dan and Janet in the Redmond WA showroom are extremely easy to work with and very professional. If you need a door, they will take great care of you through the whole process.”



Cityscape White

Lakeview Black

Estate Black

Lakeview Silver

Estate White


Upstand Track
+ 1” High Track Base
+ 3/4” Upstep
+ 2.71” Width
+ Clear Anodized Aluminum
+ Weather Tested
+ Thermal Break

Flush Track
+ 1” High Track Base
+ 2.71” Width
+ Clear Anodized Aluminum
+ Black Anodized Aluminum
+ Thermal Break


Standard Colors

Premium Colors

200+ RAL Colors

Architectural Colors: 23 Modern Design Colors

Custom Colors: Using our premium color matching services

Maximize Your Space With Aluminum Sliding Glass Doors

Partner with our expert Panoramic Doors team for your next project, using award-winning patented technology and innovative designs to create easy-to-use, long-lasting Signature Sliding Doors to maximize your space. View our selection of features unique to the Panoramic Doors range.

Award-Winning Slide-Pivot-Stack Door System

The award-winning “Slide-Pivot-Stack” system sets us apart in the industry, gaining multiple design awards and recognition across residential and commercial sectors. Featuring a hingeless operation distinct from the Panoramic Doors team, users can seamlessly slide, pivot, or stack panoramic panels to accommodate their space.

Bottom Track Technology

Designed especially for our Signature Door series, all panels in our door range sit on the bottom tracks, removing the need for additional top header support. Without the demands against a property’s infrastructure, we’ve revolutionized the installation process to minimize the need for alterations to a building’s integrity required primarily in traditional bi-fold designs.

Color Customization For Metal Frames

From standard colors like our popular Texture Black and Apollo White to Wood Grain designs, our versatile color selection offers the ability to expand your unique pallet with over 200 customizable selections.

Hinge Free Frame Operation

The innovative hinge-free system embraces the freedom of space in any room, allowing users to configure doors in any way they prefer, utilizing all or one of the high-quality aluminum panels! Unlike the restrictions of traditional bi-fold doors, we’ve reimagined the operation of the Panoramic Door Experience, allowing panels to function independently from each other, without the hinge tying to set structures or frames.

Download Our Digital Brochure

Panoramic Signature Aluminum Series is our premium product for anyone who wants to maximize their space with total versatility in design without sacrificing quality. Download the 2022 Digital Brochure for a take-away copy of our range of innovative products and network of installation partners.

Why Aluminum Frames? Discover The Panoramic Flagship Door

Aluminum is stronger than wood or vinyl - and the dominant choice for demanding commercial applications. Its strength also minimizes framing widths, accommodating larger glass areas in aluminum windows and doors. Aluminum doors have made huge strides over the years in terms of advancement, and the material itself is a good thermal conductor, therefore most aluminum door manufacturers offer “thermal break” products. In these designs, a structural insulating material is incorporated between the interior and exterior aluminum. Created as an alternative to wood, aluminum doors are strong, sturdy, and aesthetically pleasing…”

Find the Panoramic Doors Team’s full list of reasons to choose aluminum and the benefits of vinyl and wooden frames in our blog series!

Interview with an Installer – Advice Center

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality folding door systems on the market;  the ultimate alternative to the dated, traditional bilfold or accordion style patio door. The Panoramic Door is a system like no other, and the list of benefits and features our...

How Much Do Bi-Fold Patio Doors Cost

When looking at the cost of bi-fold doors, you need to consider a few hidden costs to get your true price. It is just like a car; there is the cost of the car, and then there is the cost of owning the car. I.e., maintenance costs, fuel costs, insurance costs, etc....

Pike Properties, Charlotte NC Project

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Partner With Award Winning Sliding Doors Specialist

Panoramic Doors has been revolutionizing the sliding glass door experience since 2010, bringing innovative engineering and unique designs to the development of high-quality doors and windows. Our range of products is known for both their luxury and distinctive systems that set us apart in the industry, offering advanced functionalities beyond the traditional market bi-fold door.

Installation Support

Panoramic Doors works with a large portfolio of Certified Installers* trained in the unique installation of our products for total confidence in the fitting of your doors and windows. View the full list of installers and access the manual and guides for further advice on the installation process. 

Delivery Services

All range of doors and windows in the Sliding Door Aluminum series can be delivered directly to your property using our reliable nationwide shipment service, even if you are not in reach of one of our dedicated showrooms! Estimated delivery times vary based on customization requests, with standard ordering arriving between 6-8 weeks on average.

Dedicated Customer Experience

Whether you’re performing home renovations or leading a commercial site development, we’re here to support you through the lifetime of your Aluminum Sliding Doors, providing a free resource center for all prospective and current customers. Find video tutorials, installation guides, maintenance manuals, and more on our resource pages.

Panoramic Doors Direct Quoting App

Need quick confirmation for your next project? Our price quoting application delivers a direct quote in less than a minute, using a comprehensive checklist of project requirements through a dedicated online submission form. Get started. 

Partner With Our Expert Sliding Doors Team

The Panoramic Doors team is dedicated to high-quality craftsmanship and innovative engineering, renowned with our distinctive Aluminum Sliding Door Range. Upgrade your space with panoramic views, customizable designs, and enhanced functionalities, ideal for residential and commercial spaces.

Connect with our team today to discuss your project and requirements, starting with a free quote and no-commitment consultation.

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