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Beautifully designed.
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Signature Aluminum door

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Signature Aluminum Door

Our "Slide-Pivot-Stack" Glass Doors, Customized to Your Space
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Signature Aluminum Door, the hingeless glass wall that started it all.

Panoramic Doors™ come with a view

Panoramic Doors' Signature Aluminum Series is a distinctive product for anyone who wants total versatility in design, color, and options. The Signature Aluminum Door has been our go-to system for over a decade. With the ability to "Slide-Pivot-Stack", it has superior functionality over hinged bi-fold doors. The Signature  Aluminum Door comes in various colors and configurations. We offer a wood-clad finish for a more elegant look.

The Signature Aluminum Door is available with three different main door placements. You can have your main door located on the right or left sides or opt for butterfly with main doors on both ends of the system.  Available in unlimited widths and up to 10 ft tall, the Signature series meets the needs of most homes, businesses, and restaurants.

What Makes Our Doors Extraordinary?

Bottom Weighted Track

Our patented technology enables these doors to impress as easily as they slide. Slide-Pivot-Stack is one of the key functionalities that separate us from other bi-fold doors. The system sits on a single track with minimal changes needed to the threshold. Since the system is bottom-weighted, you will need minimal changes to the header. Often with other bi-fold doors, costly changes to the header are required to achieve the same experience as you will get from the Panoramic Door.

Hingeless Design

Other bi-fold doors rely on a hinged accordion system to do their folding. This makes them cumbersome to open and close. Especially if you have furniture arranged near the track that would require shifting each time you open it. Panoramic Doors incorporate a hingeless design that allows our panels to move individually. Panels are lightweight, making them easy to slide, pivot, and stack into place.

Residential Case Study

Signature Aluminum Sliding Door


Tour this luxury home in California and see how they implemented six different Panoramic Door systems to give them freedom to open their indoor and outdoor spaces to enjoy entertaining and the natural beauty of their property!

Product Details

+ Made in America

+ 10-Year Warranty

+ Hingeless construction

+ "Slide-Pivot-Stack" patented design

+ Interlocking tongue-n-groove for superior seal and security

+ Concealed multi-point locking system for ease of operation and security

+ Available in over 200 colors

+ Screen option for year-round comfort and protection

+ Flush or Upstand track options

Key Features

+ Design Pressure Rating, DP 50

+ Florida Building Code Approved


Signature Aluminum Door Specs

Max System Width
Max System Height
10 ft
Max Panel Width
40 in
Swing Door One End
Swing Door Both (Butterfly)
0.34 - 0.39
.0.17 -0.18
Florida Building Code Approval

Cityscape White

Lakeview Black

Lakeview Silver

Summit Keyless Entry - Black

Estate Black

Estate Silver

Lakeview Silver

Summit Keyless Entry - Silver

Summit Keyless Entry - Black

Estate Silver


Upstand Track
+ 1” High Track Base
+ 3/4” Upstep
+ 2.71” Width
+ Clear Anodized Aluminum
+ Weather Tested
+ Thermal Break

Flush Track
+ 1” High Track Base
+ 2.71” Width
+ Clear Anodized Aluminum
+ Black Anodized Aluminum
+ Thermal Break


Standard Colors

Premium Colors

200+ RAL Colors

Architectural Colors: 23 Modern Design Colors

Custom Colors: Using our premium color matching services