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Maximize Your Outdoor Space with a Back Patio Renovation

If you're looking for a new sliding glass door system for your existing patio, balcony, or backyard, there are various designs and styles to consider.

Panoramic Doors Guide: How to Renovate My Patio, Balcony or Backyard

Remember, although all door systems operate as an entry point to your home, a panoramic door can offer you so much more! With adjustable wide glass panels that reach from the ground to the ceiling, our sliding glass door can open up your room with style, encouraging natural light and maximizing space in the home. 

For patios, backyards, and balconies, the sliding glass door can potentially increase the functionality of the home's outside spaces and indoor areas, encouraging easy airflow and foot traffic that is adjustable to any occasion, weather, or purpose you decide!

Specialized Panoramic Features For Remodeling Patio Projects:

Our latest blog covers the considerations and additional extras featured in our bespoke Slide Pivot and Stack range, with industry guidance and recommendations on how to get started on a remodeling project that matches your needs and requirements:

Things to Consider When Designing Your Backyard Patio Remodel:

Although there can be a general crossover in the decision-making process between sliding doors inside the home and those that expand onto your patio, balcony, or backyard, some additional aspects should be considered when choosing your exterior sliding glass door systems.

First, the type of building involved in your remodeling project, the residential area, and any additional requirements you’ll need to accommodate the space for a functional and stylish backyard remodel! 

Size Doesn't Matter (As Much) With Our Slide Pivot Stack System

Space is everything in today's housing market, with homeowners and developers pulling out all the stops to enhance home space.

From furniture placement to the color of the walls, there are many things you can do to create the feeling of a larger space. Unfortunately, increasing the total size can often be difficult and expensive.

Like any other remodeling project, it's essential to get your measurements right before choosing the perfect sliding glass door for your patio, balcony, or backyard upgrade. Our expert doors team recommends that customers always review the total measurements of the actual space and the usable space. 

This is essential for comparing how much room you have to install a new door system and what capacity you’ll have to operate the panel mechanisms that allow for sliding, pivoting, and stacking after the project is completed! 

Do You Have a Big or Small Patio (or Other Outdoor Space)?

Although size really does matter when it comes to your remodeling project, that shouldn’t restrict you from being able to upgrade to the Panoramic Doors experience! 

If you're remodeling a small patio or space, a door that opens out wide won't be very functional in the long run, and you could potentially reduce the usable space you have to work with after installation. Our bespoke Slide, Pivot, & Stack door range can be a popular choice for maximizing total space savings for smaller outdoor requirements.

Small patio remodeling ideas with slide, pivot & stack

Unlike traditional sliding glass door panels, our innovative engineering allows more suitable functionalities for smaller patios or balconies, with a pivot and stack option for keeping panels neatly stowed away with minimal obstruction.

Using bespoke design only available in the Panoramic Doors range, the Pivot feature allows doors to be partially stacked or completely placed away from the slide, enabling easy transition from indoor to outdoor spaces without using up more space!

Explore the full features of our Slide Pivot & Stack Door system

Comfortable Living! Patio Update Ideas For Indoor and Outdoor Living

Your house should be the place you retreat to for relaxation and comfort, yet finding that perfect balance between home and outdoor living can be difficult. Unwelcomed insects and pests can sometimes make you quickly forget the appeal of nature, with summer months bringing additional challenges of stopping these unwanted guests from getting into your home.

Retractable Screens: Covered Patio Glass Doors

Unfortunately, sliding glass doors won’t completely protect your home from insects and pests. Still, with the right additional features, you can at least block the entry via your backyard or patio. 

Our optional retractable screen feature effectively ensures air flow indoors from outdoor areas without the pain of insects entering living spaces!

Choose resilient bug screens for your patio remodeling

Choose a resilient and stylish bug barrier for your home! Developed for resilience from most outside elements with sheer and durable fibers, the retractable screen is an elegant option for your patio or balcony door, offering a pleated design to partially or completely roll up neatly when not in use. Find out more about our retractable screen options.

Privacy Matters! Exploring Patio Renovation Ideas For Developments

Privacy is ALWAYS one of the highest priorities for residential and commercial buildings, especially in developments adjacent to busy roads, neighbors' backyards or balconies, and even sun-facing rooms.

If you're looking for a solution to increase natural lighting, you don't need to sacrifice your privacy in return!

With optional glass misting or tinting on our Panoramic panel's, your privacy is secure, so you can relax in your yard, patio, or balcony and inside your room without neighbors being able to look into your home. 

Remodel Patio and Balconies With Glass Misted Doors

Glass misting or tinting can act as a visual barrier from outsiders, providing security for residents and valuables inside the building while still enjoying the benefits of the Panoramic experience of lighting a room!

Unlike traditional shades or blinds, natural light can still pass through the misted glass panels to ensure your full privacy. This is essential in building developments that face busy roads or look into other apartments, potentially exposing bedrooms, living and dining areas, and any belongings or people inside! View our full range of glass misting options by accessing our Digital Brochure.

Find Inspiration With Our Patio Renovations Ideas!

Remember, every homeowner's specific criteria for a patio remodel is different, so you’ll need to find a style and design that fits your requirements. Generally, we recommend focusing on particular aspects that enhance the functionality of your living spaces while meeting the needs of lifestyle, surroundings, and climate.  

Here are some patio design examples shared by the Panoramic Doors team to upgrade a current outdoor space:

  • Combine indoor and outdoor spaces for entertaining families or large groups of people.
  • Adding lighting to the home will improve its resale value with minimal adaptation to the integral structure.
  • Better foot traffic to your backyard in the summer, such as outdoor kitchen area, pool, or hot tub.
  • On humid, wet days, the balcony or patio allows airflow into the home without letting rain in.
  • Create a focal point, a room with the best views in the surrounding area.

Our product range is designed to expand the boundaries of your indoor living space, blending the vantage points of your backyard, patio, or balcony areas with the focal points of the entire home.

Find inspiration in our extensive portfolio of previous customers' outdoor upgrades with backyard patio ideas and designs you can explore with Panoramic Doors. 

Upgrade Your Backyard Space With Panoramic Doors

With 21 showrooms in 13 states and a large selection of completed projects on our portfolio, it’s easy to start your next outdoor renovation with Panoramic Doors! With adaptable styles, high-quality materials, and nationwide shipping, our Panoramic doors are the luxury solution for home and outdoor upgrades for developers and homeowners. Contact us today to place an order.