Panoramic Door Systems are the perfect way to reconnect with the great outdoors! We’re not just a ‘door’ company, but a business embracing the concept of blurring the lines between outdoor-indoor living, with that in mind, we want to share some ways to invite the outdoors into your living space.  It’s not only on trend and looks great, but the health benefits are fantastic!  Bring the outdoors in, it’s good for you!

Anything we can do to improve the appearance of our home as well as our quality of life, has to be a positive thing right?  Take plants, for example, when you embellish your home with greenery and houseplants, you’re not just adding something pretty to look at but these living organisms interact with your body, mind and home in a number of ways (I know… It sounds a little drippy hippy’) but it is in fact scientifically so!


Adding plants to your living space is a great way to increase oxygen levels within your home, (here’s how it works… Queue nerdy part), you breathe in oxygen and release carbon dioxide, during photosynthesis the plants absorb the carbon dioxide and release clean oxygen back into your home!


Panoramic Doors allow you the ability to customize your airflow in a number of ways, giving you full control of your opening.  The same can be said about incorporating life into your home.  Plants or indoor micro-gardens add a quirky, fresh look to any home and are highly trendy, but they are scientifically proven to purify your airflow dramatically; a fantastic and cost-effective added health benefit.


Ok…. I get it.. This one may take a little more persuading for all the ‘nae-sayers’ but a study at the Royal College of Agriculture, England found students demonstrated 70% greater attentiveness when taught in rooms containing plants.


Incorporating the outdoors with your indoor living space is, in general, an effective way of improving your health as a whole.  They can decrease fatigue, colds, headaches and flu symptoms; a study by the Agricultural University of Norway found sickness rates fell by a whopping 60% in offices with plants, pretty cool right?


Plants are effective in releasing vapor, which in turn increases humidity within your home.  All plants release around 97% of their water intake, this is great for keeping respiratory distress away!  House plants should transcend trends.  The benefits should make us consider them as a necessity rather than just a decorative piece.  Breathe cleaner, breathe easier, keep common ailments at bay, stay focused and improve your overall general health.  Bring the outdoors in, it’s good for you!