This project is so impressive, it would be silly not to pay it credit!  Our fantastic client, Gary Leake, performed the installation all by himself; generally speaking, our clients have a third party contractor or installer in place to do the job prior to purchasing our Panoramic Door System, so we were really impressed to hear that this was a DIY job. Our bottom hung system allows for a way easier installation than alternative products on the market, so when we heard that this job was completed by a ‘non-professional’, we just had to share it with you!   This really re-enforces to us that we have not only a highly innovative product, but its design and state of the art technology makes for an easier installation process, so easy it doesn’t necessarily take hiring a costly professional.  Gary was kind enough to share his experience and Colorado Springs project photos with us, impressive?  You be the judge!

Gary explains:

I chose a Panoramic Door System because they had a much cleaner appearance with no exposed hinges or locks, custom sizing, plus they seemed to be much more user friendly for a DIY installation.  Their online design features provided instant feedback for changes without having to ‘login’ or get placed on a mailing list.   When I finally decided to order, I also appreciated their honesty in discouraging me from adding a particular glass option because it would be ineffective in our altitude.

This is a 10′ Panoramic Door System, and other than the exterior wall framing (expanding the opening 5′ to 10′) and lifting the doors into place, this was entirely a one man DIY project, including the deck!  Gary goes on to explain:

After a couple months and many questions I finally committed to placing an order.  I am very pleased with the final result and the ease of which everything went together and how well it works.  I’m also pleased with the locking mechanism – dual locks and all internally contained instead of being visible as seen on some other systems.  I quickly learned that if something wasn’t fitting right, chances are it was ‘me’ and not the product!  The tech support during the installation process was excellent and they knew exactly what I was asking about and how to fix it.  I’m glad I also purchased the Brio screen at the same time, I think installing them together makes a very clean appearance.  I followed the recommendation for a laser level – WOW! – What a powerful tool, well worth the investment.  Looking back, I can’t imagine how long it would have taken to get so many axis lined up at the same time, not to mention all the back and forth… Up and down… Back and forth…


Panoramic Doors released the Brio Screen last year to address a common issue for customers living in the more ‘tropical or humid’ parts of the country; everybody should have the opportunity to enjoy the Panoramic Door System regardless of your location or climate! With the Brio Screen, you can enjoy the most innovative and versatile door on the market 365 days a year… Bug-free!  We’re so happy to hear that our client is really pleased with the screen itself as it effectively allows him to enjoy the great outdoors without the fear of critters.  You can still create a great opening and encourage natural ventilation throughout your home without compromising on aesthetics.  It’s great getting feedback from a ‘DIY client’ about the installation of the Brio screen itself as it’s a relatively new piece of innovation.  You can check out more photos from this project by visiting

We love that you continue to share your project photographs and stories with us!   If you would like to be featured in our blog spot, we would love to hear from you!  Email me directly at [email protected]

Stay tuned! From everyone here at Panoramic Doors #TEAMPD!