Acropolis Developments are one of San Diego’s leading firms specializing in Real Estate Development, Building and Renovation of multi-unit projects and single family homes.  They manage a portfolio of rental properties in San Diego & Fresno California markets.  President, Al Gueddar is a true professional with a contagious entrepreneurial spirit; experienced in all levels of land development and home building, including property level feasibility, due diligence analysis, financing, entitlement, value engineering and general contracting, his talented team of professionals has everything covered for your next development project!  Mr. Gueddar and his partners, Jamel Daniels and Faruq Darcuiel have built and redeveloped almost 200 homes in 4 years, pretty impressive right?  His team consists of top industry leaders, specializing in Real Estate, Acquisitions and Operations.

We’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Acropolis Developments on many projects, and it’s fair to say they will continue to be one of our preferred developers.  Acropolis Development’s success is rooted in a steadfast commitment to only developing the most profitable of projects.  Alladdine and his team are committed to identifying and cultivating compelling development opportunities in very select markets.

“Our firm’s success is drawn from our managing members’ backgrounds in real estate, finance, engineering, construction management and development”

One of the great things about being in the Manufacturing Industry, is the scope to meet and connect with some of the most talented people in the Development Industry, Acropolis Developments does not disappoint.  As a firm, they truly cover all bases, from stunning property projects to high end luxury rentals.  You can check out their stunning portfolio of previous property development projects by clicking HERE.

If you’re in the market to secure a luxury rental, let the professionals assist you in getting into your dream home.  Carleton 4 Homes may just be the spot for you, consisting of four luxury homes featuring upscale design elements, find your piece of luxury located in the heart of Point Loma.  Carleton 4 Homes are a hop and a skip away from some of San Diego’s most prestigious restaurants, beaches, shops, boat yards, with convenient access to the bay, beach, schools and freeways.  You can check out the development by clicking HERE.  It truly is a stunningly designed property; ranging from 1685 square foot to 1985 square foot of luxury living space and surrounded with breathtaking bay and downtown skyline views.

These luxury apartments come with beautiful balconies, a private roof top entertainment deck and 2 car garage.  This particular development was built with spaciousness in mind, whilst incorporating sustainable eco-friendly materials, compromising minimal stairs, high ceilings, stunning views and a real sense of privacy.  Click HERE to check out their fantastic floor plans!  To learn more about Acropolis Developments up-coming projects, you can submit your information HERE.

Call 619-788-7470 or visit today for available properties and further information!