Panoramic Doors’ is proud to announce a recent collaboration with one of San Diego’s leading Real Estate Development Firms.  Based out of Encinitas, CA, Green Button Homes are at the top of their game when it comes to property development, sales and investment, so if you’re in the market to buy or sell, we give this firm a big thumbs up!  Professional, knowledgeable and a true pleasure to work with.  We respect their clear dedication to detail in terms of design, landscaping and material choices, and we’re so happy they selected a Panoramic Door System to enhance this particular project.

At Panoramic Doors, building great relationships with local firms is so important to us; we get the opportunity to show support and collaborate with exceptionally talented individuals, and to us, that’s invaluable to what we do,  how we grow and develop as a business. Green Button Homes do not disappoint! You only need to browse CEO, Tom Tarrants portfolio of projects to recognize his keen entrepreneurial spirit and eye for fantastic property development and investment opportunities; and what better place to do it than the most beautiful place on earth, San Diego!

We collaborated with Mr. Tom Tarrant and his amazing team on the recently completed Clairemount, CA project, but more importantly, this wonderful space is now on the market for sale!  There’s no denying, this is an ‘out of this world’ space that completely encompasses the increasingly popular concept of indoor-outdoor living.  No longer do we consider our back yard or patio as the ‘outdoors’; with modern folding door systems, you can now consider the outdoors as an additional room, you can configure your doors in so many different ways which gives you full control over the opening.  It truly is so much more than a traditional bi-fold door.

Embrace the California lifestyle and secure your next dream property with Green Button Homes!  Schedule a viewing today by clicking here. Connect with Green Button Homes on Facebook and and keep up to date with the latest developments, sales and investment opportunities!  We simply can’t wait to do business with you again in the near future.

From everyone here at Panoramic Doors!

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