When looking at the cost of bi-fold doors there are a few hidden costs you need to consider to get your true price. It is just like a car; there is the cost of the car, and then there is the cost of owning the car. I.e., maintenance costs, fuel costs, insurance costs, etc. And, just as with a car, the costs will vary according to the brand and model. Tell us more about your project.

Note: In this post, we will consider all forms of folding doors including accordion, bi-fold, and slide-and-fold.

The 3 Main Costs to Consider

  1. Cost of structural support (header)
  2. Cost of Maintenance
  3. Cost of the door

Cost of Structural Support

Every door and window opening in your home will have a strong support beam above the opening. This “header” will vary in size according to the width of the opening and the weight it must support. With typical sliding doors, all the weight is on the bottom track. So, the header is only required to support the weight coming from above the opening.

Unlike sliding doors, most folding doors, such as bi-fold doors, hang from the header. Because of this, the header now has additional weight to support it. This can cause a unique challenge when you simply want to replace a sliding door with a folding door. It is not as simple as taking one out and putting another in. In most cases, you will be required to replace the header with a larger one. This will be a considerable increase in cost for you.

Cost of Maintenance

There was a time in my life that I tried my hand at car sales. All I can say is that I take my hat off to those who are able to do it well. I was not! However, it was a great chance to learn about the true cost of a vehicle.

The car brand was a luxury one. And, the car’s cost reflected that. What shocked me though was the cost of upkeep. The maintenance cost was easily three times that of a regular car. Where a typical oil change might be $30, the luxury model was over $100 at the dealership. And that was the most basic of maintenance items. The price just went up from there.

Unfortunately, the maintenance cost on large sliding doors and bi-fold doors can be the same. Panel-to-panel hinged doors require that all the panels work together. This means they are more prone to issues that affect their functioning over time. When choosing your door system, you will want to keep this cost in mind.

Cost of Your Folding Door

As you would assume, the cost of a bi-fold/accordion/folding door can vary greatly from one brand to another. You will find prices from around $1000 – $1,500 per linear foot. But don’t let the cost be the guide to the quality. Because of the way doors are marketed (factory direct, through stores, through dealers), there can be different layers of people who want their “share of the pie”. In general, the closer you can get to the factory direct, the better the price will be.

To get your price you will often need to contact a dealer as that is the most common method of getting doors to the market. Understand that it can often take several days, if not over a week, to get a price back from an inquiry.

Because Panoramic Doors is factory direct, you can be sure you are getting the best price.


How Much Do Folding Doors Cost?

The Panoramic Door starts at around $1000 per linear square foot. Depending on the available options, such as custom colors and wood cladding, the upper range can be above $1,500 per linear square foot. Above this, you must consider the cost of needed structural changes and maintenance.

The Best Option?

While the allure of a folding door can be great, the obstacles to getting one can be greater. It was for this reason that the Panoramic slide-and-fold door was created.

Panoramic Doors Are Bottom Track Supported

Because all the weight of the Panoramic Door panels rests on the bottom track, no additional load is placed on the header. This means, in most cases, you will not need to replace your existing header as long as you are not enlarging the opening.

Panoramic Doors Are Factory Direct

Panoramic Doors is sold factory direct. This allows us to keep our prices down so that you can keep more money in your wallet.

Panoramic Doors Quoting

Of course, a team member can contact you if you want to do a quote. Click here to go through our quoting process

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