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How to Remodel a House with Luxury Sliding Glass Doors

A home remodel or upgrade can significantly enhance a home's current structural and aesthetic value, benefiting many developers and homeowners!

Whether you're adding a personal touch to your home's overall design or hoping to improve its position in the housing market, our latest blog explains how a luxury glass sliding door system can be the high-quality upgrade you've been searching for.

Remodeling a House With Our Luxury Sliding Glass Door Range

Used effectively, interior and exterior sliding glass doors in our bespoke Slide Pivot and Stack range can bring many benefits to a home, transforming formally restricted spaces into adaptable rooms suitable for any event or occasion! 

With customized door systems and panels to match the tastes of many decor and furnishings, our sliding glass door range brings many opportunities for style when remodeling a home, bringing aesthetically appealing designs that work with your space’s current or new interior design!


Our collective portfolio of residential and commercial projects highlights some of the incredible results possible with a home upgrade, such as:

  • With improved natural lighting for dull rooms
  • Increase in overall energy efficiency within the home
  • More flexibility to adapt rooms to the needs of daily living

Browse our complete portfolio list to learn more about the additional benefits and find inspiration for your remodel project.

Our Simple Steps to Remodeling a House

With so many styles, materials, and additional features in our door range, the options for home remodeling can be vast, which can sometimes make it difficult to choose the right approach that works for you!

Before turning your home (or a client’s!) into a construction site, you must have an idea of design preferences and the proposed outcome you hope to achieve from a home remodel.

How to Start Remodeling a House

When planning a home renovation project, you must consider a few things when selecting the new sliding glass door system. For example, you must consider the outcome of your remodel and which rooms you’ll focus on, taking into account how the finished job may improve the whole house and living experience.

We’ve listed below some of the questions to ask yourself when planning out the details of a remodeling project to help you get started:

  • Are you looking to improve daily living functionalities in the home?
  • Do you have the tools, knowledge, or planning to undertake structural alterations to the building?
  • Are there any views you would like the glass sliding doors to face?
  • Is the building sun-facing? How can this be used to improve natural lighting?
  • Will using glass panels increase the temperature within the home?
  • What is the goal of your overall final, finished look?
  • What is your budget?
  • Are there any external factors you need to consider when choosing materials?

Step One: Draw Up a Detailed Plan

All projects should start with a plan that provides a detailed overview of floor plans, windows, doors, and furniture or appliance placement when applicable. Unlike traditional doors, sliding glass doors are indicated differently on a building plan. They are usually shown without the 'arc' representing a traditional doorway. Sliding doors are commonly highlighted as a small line sitting between the gaps in the walls.


Many sliding door design proposals aim to maximize space and improve aesthetic appeal within the home or a specific room. These proposals commonly involve an open-plan space or a combination of outdoor and indoor living.

Step Two: Choose Style and Design (Ideally Before You Renovate!)

Secondly, consider your interior and how your new luxury sliding glass door system will work with any current or proposed interior design plans. Although a designer isn't required to understand color theory, homeowners should always explore how pallet choices can largely decide the ambiance, mood, and effects a room can bring.

Step Three: Confirm the Floor Planning of Your Home Improvement

Your floor plan is crucial in any remodeling project, especially when integrating new door systems into existing layouts. Consider the obstacles of current appliances, such as kitchen workstations, fireplaces, or outdoor steps, that could compromise the flow of lighting, air, and foot traffic once your new door system is installed.

Determine areas requiring clearance to allow everything in the home to work together seamlessly and safely upon completion. This can be essential in avoiding unnecessary disruption to remodeling plans once work gets underway.

Our Flexible Slide Pivot and Stack Panels Can Adapt to Your Floor Plan and Furniture Placement!

If you're keeping the current furniture and appliances in the home, you may have concerns about how future floor planning will work with our doors. Fortunately, our award-winning Slide Pivot and Stack engineering is highly adaptable to your room's specifications, allowing panels to fold and stack neatly to the side to accommodate the requirements of most spaces.

Step Four: Estimate Budget and Overall Costs

Although it’s not unusual to encounter additional costs during any house remodel project, understanding overall costs can help you budget to purchase your sliding glass door system!

Pricing materials, equipment, and labor costs can help you stay on track before commencing any home upgrade and determine how much money you must spend on additional features, including customizable options with our bespoke door panels.

Costs to Consider With Your Renovation Project

Although our Slide, Pivot, and Stack door systems offer options to suit many budgets, it is always recommended to set aside a contingency fund for unexpected expenses in a home remodel project.

Step Five: Hire a Professional Contractor (or a Friend With Tools!)

Our systems are designed to allow minimal disruption to the alteration of many existing homes and building structures. However, homeowners should always be prepared to access additional resources when required.

In some project briefs, professional expertise is necessary, such as the structural assessment and framing knowledge needed to replace the current drywall in a home with a glass sliding door system. However, there are some circumstances where brave DIY hobbyists attempt to install door frames and panels when professional guidance is highly recommended.

Consider How Much Hands-On Experience You'll Need For Renovating a House

Always bring in experts if you need to familiarize yourself with something during home remodeling, as mistakes can lead to more costly repairs!

If you've hit an issue with plumbing, electrical wiring, or damaged flooring during installation, it's always best to seek help from a professional in the field. You can also explore our range of recommended installers or contractors to recruit expertise from our network.

Home Renovation Project With Panoramic Doors

Many award-winning interior designers and developers today use luxury glass-paneled doors, adding the 'wow' factor to homes. With an innovative approach to capturing breathtaking views and creatively maximizing space between outdoor and living areas, it’s easy to see why many customers choose sliding doors in their home remodeling projects.

Our Panoramic Doors team has worked with homeowners, developers, architects, and interior designers to understand the fundamentals of home remodels with our sliding glass doors. We guide you from the early stages of a project to completion. Contact us today to learn more about the range of high-quality materials available and discover how bespoke door engineering has enhanced home remodels nationwide.

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