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We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality folding door systems on the market;  the ultimate alternative to the dated, traditional bilfold or accordion style patio door. The Panoramic Door is a system like no other, and the list of benefits and features our system offers in comparison to similar products on the market truly sets us apart. Products centered around the notion of the indoor-outdoor living and embracing an enhanced transitional living lifestyle is something that is taking the design world by storm.  The trend and consumer need for products that maximize the theme of seamless living is something that is only set to continue to break boundaries in the world of home building.

Our highly knowledgeable team plays an integral part in all that we do by ensuring we deliver something quite special; the Panoramic Door is and continues to be a real game-changer in the world of modern construction and design.  It is our aim to ensure a professional and pleasant customer experience from start to finish, and it is our goal to make your next building project as stress-free as possible.  Customer education is something we take seriously; being a door manufacturer, we don’t provide installation services, but we do offer extensive customer support, so should your contractor have a question on the big day, we offer video-call support, supportive videos, manuals, and other resources help assist with the process.  Questions can generally be settled or issues resolved via a simple Skype call from someone who really lives and breathes the product (..Charles). Charles has a fantastic sales and service ethic and will be able to guide you through any technical issues.  Not only this, but Charles holds the qualities of both a highly successful Regional Manager, but also has the advantage of knowing our system inside out…… He’s for sure my go-to guy!

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Charles for 5 years now; we seek to employ only the most talented people from around the country to represent our brand and maintain an excellent company reputation, and Charles is no exception.  So, we caught up with our Kansas City Regional Manager, and Head Technician, Charles Eisennmen, earlier this week to ask for some consumer advice from a Management and technical point of view. Here’s some insight from the mind of a ‘Panoramic Doors Guru’. Charles explains:

I really enjoy the flexibility of my job as well as the responsibility that comes with running the KS Sales & Services.  Reliability.. That’s a word I would associate with the Panoramic Door. I’ve had my shower door set-up that sits outside 100 percent of the time, it’s been rattled and operated around 4,000 times; we do a lot of home show events and they never let me down.  I’ve only ever had to make one minor adjustment.  Everytime I ‘show’ it, the forces exerted from riding on the trailer equate to a 3.5 mag earthquake! It’s a really robust but lightweight door, and if it’s operating correctly, it can take pretty much anything you can throw at it!… (Disclaimer: That’s not a challenge).  If you’re looking to replace your current bifold system, then we truly do have something that has so much more to offer. Our system is a great option for so many reasons:

  1. Usability.  The Panoramic Door is so much easier to operate than a bifold because its innovative design and simple maintenance.
  2. Versatility. Unlike a bifold, each panel moves individually, which gives you the option to open up the space as and when you need to, instead of having the one option, as with a bifold.
  3. Bottom Track Supported. One of the main reasons bifolds are frequently replaced, for a more modern system is because of the inherent design flaw of traditionally having the weight of the system supported from the top, as in hanging from the header; this causes many expensive issues down the road.  In most cases, this holds additional load from the roof, sheetrock, framing, and in many cases, snow load.  Top-hung systems create warping in the header and prevents the door operating as it should.

Installation Day

As a high-end luxury door manufacturer, we don’t provide installation services.  Most customers will come to us with a third party contractor in place.  We can’t stress this enough.. Do your research!  Take your time to shop around and even ‘interview’ a few contractors to discuss their experience and portfolio.  You can also use fact-based sites such as houzz.com or angieslist.com to find highly rated installers in your area; read reviews and get everything in writing.  The most important part of the installation process is ensuring your contractor has experience in working with specialty glazing solutions.  We’re not your average system, so be sure to set goals with your contractor, ask questions, make sure they study all of our supportive resources well in advance of the big day. Make sure to have your installers become very familiar with our product; carefully read and study the instructions and follow them!

I know you don’t want to stop and ask for directions, honey… But we’re lost!

Determine at what height you want the finished the floor to meet the bottom track, and be sure to give your installer a copy of your order so that they’re aware of how it should look, and which track options were chosen.  We always try to drive home to our clients, the importance of upkeep and aftercare with specialty doors, nothing labor-intensive, they simply require the same level of care as with folding door investment.  Keep the bottom track clean, clear and free of debris, such as dog hair, pebbles, coin collections… You can simply use the extension on your vacuum to quickly remove any unwanted items every now and then.

In his spare time, Charles and his wife both front a wonderful cause which really touched our hearts; Evolve Outreach is dedicated to helping those in need, currently, they have about 30 donation boxes across the city to help collect necessities for the less fortunate.  This is the perfect time of year to get involved!  If you would like to make a donation to Evolve Outreach, you can reach Charles’ at charles@panoramicdoors.com, we would love to hear from you, every little makes a difference.  Charles’ non-profit and story even made it to Fox4! Pretty awesome, right?  We are really lucky to have such a wonderful team, who are not only dedicated to their trade, but also donate their time and resources to create and support these crucial charities.  On behalf of Panoramic Doors, thank you, Charles and family, for being such a great asset to our company as well as leading by example and striving for change in the world by supporting those who need it most.

The team, Panoramic Doors.