We are so excited to be part of this fantastic project!  Laduree Parisian Patisserie recently opened its first West Coast location, beautifully situated in The Grove, LA.  Hailing from Paris, this french luxury bakery has been around since 1862 and offers an authentic taste of France; if  you have a sweet tooth or a taste for the finer things in life, it really doesn’t get much fancier than this!  Indulge in delicious, hand crafted sweet goods and experience all things tasty and french!

We are so pleased that the owners chose our Panoramic Door System as the main focal point of this incredible establishment.  They wanted to create something extraordinary and let me tell you, they didn’t disappoint! Not only did our client incorporate our system into the store front design, but he completely customized our Signature Aluminum doors using brass, lattice work to give any rivaled store front in the coveted Beverly Hills area, a run for their money.  There’s no denying that this entrance way is a true jaw-dropper!

Not only is the store front breathtaking, but the interior color scheme used is something quite special in itself; the beautiful pastel colors scream quaint, french, luxury.  Everything is so beautifully decorated, packaged and designed down to the smallest of details; for sure worth a visit.

Panoramic Doors are fast becoming an integral part of modern restaurant and business design.  Whether they’re used in a residential or commercial setting, they’re sure to make your place a real talking point.  If you can build the opening, we can build and customize the door, so visit us at Panoramic Doors today!

Visit Laduree by clicking here.