Magnaline Panoramic Doors Folding System, Panoramic Doors

September 16, 2014 – Window and Door Magazine
FEATURE ARTICLE | Design & Performance

The Challenge: Panoramic Doors sought a way to create a budget-friendly folding door system.

The Winning Solution: The resulting folding door system uses Panoramic’s Magnaline hardware (a winner in this year’s Most Innovative Door Component category) that “eliminates the need for hinges, bolts and locks, which in turn, reduces hardware costs and man-hours. The end result is a more affordable system,” says Magnaline designer Alan Rees, CEO and owner of Magnaline and Panoramic Doors.

The Panoramic Doors folding system has a series of bottom-track supported rolling panels that travel independently from each other along a single track. This minimizes weight stress on headers. The first panel is a fixed door and can be on either side of the opening or on both sides. Independent panels slide to either end, click into place and then convert from sliding to swing panels and stack against the previous panels, which reduces the amount of space needed to operate the door.

Several options are available, including a system with an unlimited number of panels to fit any span, as well as a system that offers users the ability to open and close one panel at a time. Doors come in aluminum/aluminum, aluminum/wood-clad, woodclad/ wood-clad, vinyl/aluminum-clad and vinyl/wood-clad. The PVC model is a fully welded outer-frame with the option of nail-fin or flush-fin to satisfy track building demands and facilitate replacement.