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Summer is here! The season of outdoor living, embracing the beautiful outdoors and throwing some fantastic garden parties.  So we wanted to share some of our best DIY, outdoor decor ideas to give your outdoor living space some well deserved wow factor.  Our Panoramic Door System is centered around the concept of ‘indoor-outdoor living’, so this is our favorite time of the year by far, and what better way to accentuate your new system with some fun, easy to achieve outdoor summer party decor ideas.  Creating these extra details, for little cost can really create a magical space without making a huge investment.  We hope you enjoy, and give them a go!


This is a nice touch to add to any outdoor area.  Even in summer, depending on which part of the country you live in,  the evenings can get a little cooler, especially if you live by the ocean.  I saw this DIY fire pit project and had to share!  This creates the perfect evening party ambience, so why not impress your friends by re-creating this fun project.  It’s surprisingly easy, inexpensive and looks just as good as an often costly store bought pit.  All you need to achieve this is stone pavers, cinder blocks or any other non flammable building materials, sand or gravel, a shovel and a rake.  Get the full tutorial here.


It’s difficult to keep our little ones amused throughout the summer vacation period, so adding little cool touches to your backyard can give a really neat aesthetic!  Why not get crafty, and try your luck at creating this giant outdoor chalkboard.  This is a great way to get your kids involved in a fun, crafty project that they’re sure to love and enjoy.  All you need to complete this look is, hardi backer boards, wood boards for the frame, lag bolts, a quart of chalkboard paint, another quart of vibrant paint for the frame color, a tube of liquid nails and caulk gun, nails and hooks.  This project may take a little longer to achieve in comparison to others, but the joy you will see in your kids’ faces will be well worth the effort!  Get the full tutorial here.


This project is a great way to implement wonderfully creative outdoor lighting solutions, perfect for any summers eve party!  I love how quirky the finished look is; you can be sure these will be one of the talking points of your party! Instead of recycling your old wine bottles, why not re-purpose them to make these quirky garden lights.  Turn a regular looking bottle into a modern Tiki torch!  We take your safety seriously, so be sure to take extra care when using the materials needed to create this look, these are intended for outdoor use ONLY.  Get the full tutorial here.


Catch the natural glitz of the summer sun and create beautiful colors and lighting with this backyard fencing project.  If you have the traditional  wooden fencing surrounding your outdoor living space, then this may be a great project for you!  It’s so easy to achieve, you can complete this project within an hour or two.  All you need to do is to use a power drill to sporadically bore holes into the fencing itself.  You can pick up bags of colorful marbles from any craft store, or dollar store for next to nothing.  Once you’ve drilled the holes, place the colored marbles in the holes and secure with all purpose glue.  Catch the light on sunny days and fill your yard with glitzy, colorful shadows.  You can view this project any many others here.


This project may be more suited to the more experienced DIY’er, but it’s just too cool (excuse the pun) to mention! Create your very own patio table with inbuilt drinks cooler… Summer is all about outdoor entertaining and making memories with friends and family, so why not impress by achieving this quirky and innovative project, known as the ‘Patio Party Table’.  This can be re-created with a few tools and a little patience for the cost for as little as $150, depending on the quality of wood you select.  Follow the full tutorial here.


This is perfect for bringing the whole family together and creating another fun outdoor piece for your children to enjoy.  If you’re planning a summer party, and would like the adults to be in one area, and the kids in their own little seating area, then this is pretty perfect!  Not only this, it’s probably the most inexpensive project on our list.  This is so simple, that you could complete this one with one trip to the store, or simply by using what you already have laying around the house or garage.  All you need to complete this fun project is a kids paddling pool, some comfy blankets, lots of scatter cushions and pillows, and a picnic tray full of summer treats!  Get the full tutorial here.

We hope that you enjoy and implement some of these awesome ideas and have a memorable summer this 2017!  You can access additional outdoor summer projects and the best of outdoor party game here.

Have a wonderful summer, from everyone here at Panoramic Doors!