Summer is upon us, and so is the season of outdoor entertaining!  You can get the best out of your Panoramic Patio Door System by following these simple ‘PanoramicDoor Aftercare & Maintenance Tips‘.  Simple upkeep can save you time, money and more importantly, ensures a stress-free summer!


  1. The great thing about our innovative system is that, unlike other doors, our system is bottom track supported.  What this means is, rather than the door hanging from the header, our independent moving panels ride on the bottom track, reducing the cost of engineering and structural support.   To ensure an operable hassle-free door, it’s imperative to check and make sure the bottom track is clear and debris free on a regular basis.
  2. If you suspect there’s an issue with your door system, a good rule of thumb is to never force the door open.  If your system is in need of a service call, do exactly that!  Our Customer Service Department is here to help with your service needs.  You can fill out a Service Request Form by clicking HERE.
  3. Use a small amount of silicone spray on both the top and bottom tracks to assist in the smooth operation of your door.  Keeping your door system lubricated will help greatly as the warmer weather approaches.
  4. To avoid door damage, or injury, always be sure to secure your door panels, especially in windy weather conditions.
  5. Prevent door finishes from deteriorating from salt or marine layer exposure.  You can do this by routinely cleaning the exterior using non abrasive materials, we suggest doing this every 2-3 months.  Always avoid harsh chemicals such as acetone, or spirit cleaners.  Warm water and soap work wonders on our aluminum powder coated doors.  NOTE: Prior to carrying out any exterior cleaning, be sure to use a small non-visible test area before proceeding.
  6. Your Panoramic Door System should always operate with ease, so never attempt to swing panels open in the middle of the track.  Make sure to slide each panel all the way to the end of the track, then swing in the direction that it was designed or ordered, either in-swing or out-swing.

Following these simple steps can really help assist in keeping servicing issues to a minimum, extend the life of your door system as well as free up your time for the more enjoyable things in life, now let’s go outside!

You can learn more about ‘How to Operate your Patio Door System‘ by clicking HERE.