If you’re crazy about home improvement, but like most, you’re on a budget, why not try out these simple, yet cost-effective home updates guaranteed to give your living space a new lease of life!


This one may seem fairly obvious, but the first step I take in any home improvement venture is to de-clutter.  Ask yourself, do I use this?  Do I need this?  If the answer is no, why not donate it to a local charity store it in the garage.  Getting rid of things can be uplifting and make a huge difference to how your home looks.  It creates extra space and a very chic minimalist look!  Invest in a mixture of storage bins with various lids and consisting of different textures, alternatively you can purchase a living room organizer unit relatively cheap.  For tips on maintaining an organized living space, click HERE.

Your front door is the first thing people see and it can say a lot about you as an individual!  So it makes sense to give it a little TLC, and the difference it makes to your home is well worth the small investment.  A lick of fresh paint and some new fixtures can drastically make your home stand out, and appear more inviting.  I’m obsessed with using vibrant colors to really make your entry door POP.  Check out our ‘Doors‘ board on Pinterest dedicated to some pretty amazing design inspiration.  Looking for some door fixture inspiration? Check out some of our favorites by clicking HERE.


Adding a feature wall to your living room or bedroom can work wonders; its adds depth, character and is something you can customize to suit your personality.  You can purchase  paint relatively cheap, I always steer toward vibrant, rich colors,  but neutral colors can be just as aesthetically pleasing.  You can add a few canvases an edgy mirror or wall mounts for a more interesting finish.  For some inspiration, click HERE.


Interior Design is reliant on the use of pillows; they’re incredibly versatile and one of the easiest ways to update your home.  A good rule of thumb is to coordinate with colors you already have in your home, and don’t be afraid to mix things up; use different textiles such as silk, fur or velvet, use patterns combined with neutrals.  I’m a fan of bold statement pillows, think outside of the box and play around with things!

If you have a cost-effective home improvement idea, then we want to hear about it!  The best submission with receive a $10 Starbucks E-Gift.

We look forward to hearing from you, from everyone here at Panoramic Doors!