New York, NY (May 1, 2023) – Fort Worth, TX-based Panoramic Doors is pleased to announce the launch of the Coastal Storm Door system, the most advanced slide-pivot-stack door system designed to withstand severe weather while keeping ahead of evolving state regulations and the needs of homeowners, architects and designers.

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In addition to severe weather protection, the Coastal Storm Door system is designed to keep interior temperatures consistent as seasons change while delivering a combination of safety and luxury unlike any other. The system’s Seven Point secure lock is an easy-to-operate system that provides maximum storm security and protection with steel-reinforced panels, tracks, and jams offering the ease and convenience of a Slide-Pivot-Stack door while providing the protection and peace of mind that a durable storm door should.

Some key features of the Coastal Storm Door system include:

  • Seven-point locking system on the main door provides maximum security and protection
  • 6 points of contact to keep the modern beauty with the addition of security
  • Available up to 10 ft in height
  • Enhanced hardware to withstand harsh conditions including 165 mph wind
  • Overlapping door interlock system for complete seam coverage while adding additional layers of protection to individual panels
  • A unique design to completely prevent water penetration
  • Steel-reinforced panels, tracks, and jams
  • Impact glass IGU (Insulated Glass Unit) can withstand hurricane winds, sleet, hail, and objects displaced during severe weather.

“Panoramic Doors is extremely excited to be able to launch our first ever coastal door featuring a DP 70 rating (165 mph). This door system features impact glass for enhanced protection from the elements. In addition, this door system is available up to 10 feet tall so you can safely take in stunning views from the safety of your home.” – Chad Paris, VP, of Sales and Marketing

We invite you to view the Coastal Storm Door system, the first-of-its-kind, which comes in all standard colors and is available for purchase. Visit one of our showrooms throughout the country or request a custom quote online at

Florida Building Code # FL42088

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