Meet Tom Cook, our Panoramic Doors Manager of the Inland Empire area. Tom’s been with the company now for one and a half years and he truly is an employee with real solid experience the in the Windows & Door industry.  Born and raised in Camp La June, North Carolina, Tom, son of a retired Colonel in the US Marine Corp, moved to Hawaii at the young age of 9.  His father was then stationed at Camp Pendelton, California and so Tom has lived in Oceanisde, CA ever since.  Not only has Tom travelled all over the USA, but he’s spent a lot of time travelling in Mexico and Europe! Quite the culture vulture!

After graduating from Vista High School, Tom worked hard to obtain a Bachelors Degree in Science at San Diego State University.  With extensive experience in the Window & Door market (20 years to be precise!), it’s fair to say he knows his stuff.  It takes true dedication to realize your passion at such a young age and stick with it; the only true source of knowledge is experience, so at Panoramic Doors we seek only the most talented and driven individuals to deliver what we know to be the most innovative folding door system on the market.  We want our customer experiences to be fuss free, collaborative and an enjoyable sales and after sales experience; Tom certainly helps us tremendously to make sure we adhere to these core company values.  When asked what he loves about his role as Regional Inland Empire Sales Manager, Tom explains:

It’s great to have the knowledge and expertise to make sure our clients get exactly what they want as well as being in a position to educate them on such an amazing product is so refreshing; once a customer sees the system is action, they practically sell themselves!

There’s so many great design features with the PD system and the technology behind it,  I believe that 2017 is going to be a phenomenal year for us, people simply love the product.  We have various upcoming Home Shows throughout North America, we’re in the process of expanding rapidly and will be featured in an exciting new TV show ‘ Smarted House on the Block‘ this Fall.  If you’re located in the Inland Empire or surrounding areas, why not schedule a consultation with Tom by calling 760-722-1300.

Fun Facts

Hobbies: Drummer, surfing, dirt biking and playing the banjo!

Check out Tom at last months Home & Garden Show here.