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Everything we do here at Panoramic Doors is centered around the concept of outdoor living and lifestyle, with a Panoramic Door System you can enhance your outdoor area as if it were an additional room!  So we thought we’d put together some of our favorite outdoor garden hacks, designed to enhance your garden and patio area.  Here are some hacks for the lazy gardening enthusiast!


Panoramic Doors add the perfect finish to your patio area, so we’re always looking to share pretty much anything cool that will improve your outdoor space.  I found this project on www.mom.me.com and I love how easy it is to achieve.  Patio furniture can get seriously expensive, so why not create your very own!  All you need is 12 cinder blocks, 4 pieces of 4″x4″ x 10ft lumber, concrete adhesive, and cushions.


I’ve been known to murder the odd plant once in a while, so I love this crafty hack.  If you’re away from home a lot and have nobody to tend to your plants, simply roll up a piece of paper towel tightly, lay one end across your plant soil, put the other end in a glass of water, voila!


I’m obsessed with micro-gardens which are sure to remain on trend for 2016.  You can create this look easily and for little cost.  Attach rain gutters to your exterior wall, fill with soil and your favorite plant seeds.  The Dollar Store is GREAT for soil, seeds, and gardening equipment.


Used coffee grounds are perfect for using as plant fertilizer!  Instead of throwing them in the trash, save them up!  The nitro rich coffee grounds lose their acidity once they’ve been used, so this is a fantastic and cost-effective way to add vital nutrients to your soil.


You can purchase cinder blocks for little cost from Home Depot or Lowes, so why not try and achieve this adorable look.  Simply stack cinder blocks on top of one another (you can be as creative as you like), add soil and use them to pot plants in!  If you’re the adventurous type, why not add a splash of vibrant color, you can pick-up free samples at most Home Improvement stores.


Garden upkeep doesn’t need to be a huge expense, so it’s smart to cut out costs where you can.  Use an old water jug as a garden sprinkler by poking holes through the lid, and attaching your hose to the open end.  This will keep your grass area adequately watered.


Struggling to keep your outdoor garden tools clean and organized? Look no further! You can use old plant pots you have laying around the house or purchase some from the Dollar Tree for next to nothing.  Simply fill the plant pots with sand, and place your tools in! Great for rust prevention and keeping things clean.

We hope you enjoy these hacks as much as we do!  If you happen to have a hack you would like to share, we want to hear all about it, just leave us a comment.  The best one will receive a $10 Starbucks e-gift!

(Reference HGTV.COM)