At Panoramic Doors we’re always on the look out for extra special businesses, and Box Life USA doesn’t disappoint! If you haven’t already heard of this company, please check them out.  Box Life USA is America’s leader in shipping container refurbishment.  Born out of Texas, owners Sheryl & Janet spent a few years researching shipping container fabrication before taking their concept and passion to the next level.

Hailing from a background in athletics, both as athletes and coaches it made sense to begin their venture
in a University setting with athletes in mind, creating tailgating and hospitality units, concession stands, corporate activations and even retail space!  The widespread success of Box Life USA has allowed them to move into the area of creating hunting, and lake cabins as well as office space.  They truly are an innovative and highly impressive company.  Check out their collection of amazing projects by clicking HERE.

What I love about this company is their ability to offer full client container customization,  game day rentals; they can pretty much customize any shipping container space to meet consumer demand giving clients the ultimate outdoor venue; something we’re all about here at Panoramic Doors!  Using only sustainable materials, Box Life USA strives to make us re-think the way we use our space traditionally, in a fun, functional and forward-thinking way.  Owners Sheryl & Janet explain ‘Box Life USA is industrial luxury at its best!’  We had the pleasure of collaborating with Box Life USA on a project called ‘PeaceBox’.  Stay tuned for this awesome startup coming soon!  PeaceBox is a new business centered around the concept of ‘Mindfulness on the Move‘ so they wanted to create a space intended for meditation and relaxation without the constraints of a traditional space.  This increasingly popular kind of space means they can easily transport what they do, to events, festivals, health drives and so on.  Panoramic Doors were selected for this project because our client wanted an innovative space with the ability to customize airflow and bring the outdoors in.  Sheryl explains:

Panoramic Doors offer the perfect solution for those seeking to embrace the great outdoors, with this system you have full control over the opening itself!  Our client loves them, and so do we!

The overall shipping container design is pretty spectacular, with its slightly retro exterior, tranquil interiors and rooftop yoga area; they truly created an innovative meditation space like no other.  I for one can’t wait to see more from this company!  Check out Sheryl’s client testimonial HERE.  We’re so looking forward to doing business with you again in the near future!