Nothing excites us more than seeing first hand just how user-friendly our system is; its’ so easy some clients take on the challenge themselves (brave, right?)!   We wanted to give a special shout out to one of our fantastic customers (Jess Hammilton) for sharing this DIY installation with us.  As a manufacturing company, we only ever see our doors leave production, so we rely on our awesome customers to share with us their exciting projects. There’s no denying that this is a dream home, with breathtaking Seattle ocean views, and the Panoramic Door System opens the space up beautifully.  We’re the only folding door system on the market to have panels that move independently of one another; this allows the user to configure the opening in many different ways in a matter of seconds, giving you full control over the panels. We take this a great opportunity to gain some real user insight from a customer prospective, so we thought we would ask Jess about his experience.  Jess explains:

With this project, my goal was to truly invite the outdoors in, summer and fall in Seattle need to be enhanced in every way and the doors really make my deck part of my home instead of just being an accessory. I’ve always been a ‘DIY guy’ and I really like to get involved in the project as a whole, from vision conception, to creation and completion.  I really enjoyed the fact that the doors are fully custom-made, as well as having the option to have a door on each end of the opening and I found the price point to be great  great value for money.  If I could offer any advice to someone looking to try out a DIY installation… It’s this.. Measure twenty times.. Order once (laughs). From a ‘DIY user’ point of view, there’s areas that could use tweaking to make the install process a little slicker, but on the whole they’re great doors.

We really rely on this feedback so that we can continually improve our users’ experience, customer education and service, so thank you, Jess for sharing your project with us.  We hope you love your new doors as much as we do!  We for sure think Jess for sure pulled off an incredible DIY  job, pretty impressive, right?   Our state-of-art system is perfect for adding a bold focal point within your home, so give something the neighbors to talk about, and get your instant quote here!

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