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Can you believe it’s April already? Spring has officially sprung, we’re seeing more daylight, the weather’s improving, Easter has come and gone, and you’re probably contemplating the dreaded ‘spring clean’.  Spring is famously known for being the perfect time of year to re-organize your living space and get rid of some major clutter.  There’s a part of me who loves to take on a house project (thank you inner OCD!), but that aside, there’s no denying donating items or throwing things out at this time of year is great for the mind, soul and your beautiful home!  I know… It’s a daunting thought, but stay focused on the end goal; refreshing and downsizing what you already have within your living space can really give your home a new lease of life!

We all famously over-buy during the holiday period so come spring, we’re still revealing box after box of what is in essence, junk. So, to get your spring cleaning kick off to a good start, here’s a list of some things you may want to consider when parting with your bits and pieces.  Don’t over think it, be ruthless and don’t be afraid to get stuck in! If you don’t use it… Lose it!


  • Christmas Decorations: Take some time to sift through the boxes of Christmas decorations you’ve accumulated over the years, if they’re broken, whether they’re ornaments or broken Christmas lights, toss them to the side.  This is also a good opportunity to organize your current decorations.  I choose to keep everything boxed and labelled; ornaments, tinsel and Christmas lights.
  • Out-of-date Magazines or Newspapers:  We’re all guilty of keeping that coupon we’re SURE to use, or that recipe, article you had every intention of whipping up, but if they’re more suited as dust collectors, it’s time to let them go
  • Books:  If you have kids in School or College, I’m sure you have a small library’s worth of books stored somewhere never to see the light of day again.  Any parent will know that these books come in insanely expensive, it’s a good idea to list these on sites such as Amazon or Ebay where I purchased pretty much all of my college material.  Anything that can help raise a little extra cash as well as give back can only be a good thing, right?
  • Tackle that Closet:  If you’re a female, and like myself the mere thought of this makes you recoil in horror, then fear not… Think of it like this… You’re making way for ‘new shoes and purses‘!  As silly as it sounds, you can become emotionally attached to clothing (I’m sure all you females can relate), so the first piece of advice I can offer is to go into this like your ruthless warrior.  On one of the days, dedicate a couple of hours to wade through your closet, not only setting aside items you no longer need, but also taking a few minutes to organize your things in a way that makes sense and makes things more accessible and easy to put your hand to.
  • The Dreaded ‘Junk Drawer(s)’: It’s a fact that we’re all in possession on a ‘junk drawer’.. Some of us even have multiples!  You know the type, full to the brim with miscellaneous, random items from scotch tape to coins, to old bills, pens, string..  You know, things you might (but most definitely will not) need in a combat situation.  Task yourself with tossing out pretty much everything in here, or at least contain items you wish to keep in Tupperware containers.  If you’re all out ‘committed to the cause’, then have a go at taking a few minutes to go through all of your drawers and throwing away or donating as much as you can.

This is all about creating space, and getting organized.  The feeling you get after taking this challenge is well worth the work.. None of it’s labor intensive and breaking things down into one task a day makes it less daunting and manageable; most of us have busy lives with little spare time to do much!

  • The Garage: This is the destination where most items would end up after one of these ‘clear-outs’, and granted, it may take a little longer than the previous suggestions, but we’re going to treat the garage nicely too.  The garage (if anything like mines) will be like the aforementioned ‘junk drawer’… Just on a mammoth scale. My cars in there somewhere.  After getting rid of or setting aside the items you want to sell or donate, use inexpensive plastic storage bins to keep things such as tools, car cleaning supplies, Holiday decor, and keepsake items.  We all use our garage for the purposes of storage to an extent, but doing it in a more thoughtful and strategic way will not only create space, but make things easy to find.
  • Overall Once Over: Dedicate a couple of hours on one of the days to go through your entire house and do some general up-keep, maintenance; dusting, hovering between sofas, changing up your bed linens, spending a little extra time in areas such as the bathrooms or kitchen.  Continue to trash items that you no longer use or have a need for as you go.  You’ll be starting to find the whole process quite refreshing by now (in theory).  Try using these lists to help you differentiate between tasks that should be carried out periodically or annually.
  • Clean your Windows & Doors:  Now, this is another task that may take a little longer than the others on this list but no more than a morning or afternoon… (Unless you happen to live in a mansion!).  Use warm, soapy water (I find a little dish soap works best), to give your windows and doors a good old once over, both inside and out.  The amount of dirt that can build up quickly is quite astonishing, so undergoing periodical cleaning is a great task to include in your spring cleaning mission.  If you have a Panoramic Door System, learn how to keep on top of general maintenance by clicking here.
  • Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning: Spring is the perfect time to wash your carpets/rugs and upholstery.  It’s quite amazing the muck these areas tend to carry over time (especially if you’re a parent with young children); having light colored carpets and kids is not at all ideal, so dedicate one of the days to run a carpet washer around your home.  You can hire a professional for relatively cheap (check Groupon for frequent offers), rent a Rug Doctor machine at a cost of $30 for the day from your local supermarket, or make an investment in your own washer; you can pick these up for as little as $100.  I opted for this option as over time, having my own machine was far more cost-effective.
  • Fridge, Freezer, Deep Clean: The fridge freezer can be one of the ickiest places in the home, especially so for large families; it can get hairy, scary.  And this is not always because of a lack of motivation; we may clean the fridge every now and then and its appearance may be fairly normal, but (and here’s the gross part), mold, bacteria and spills in the refrigerator can put you at risk of food poisoning and is often invisible.  Maintaining a clean refrigerator can help improve the safety and quality of your foods, so keep it clean! Read about best cleaning methods here.
  • Household Safety: Think of things that may need some periodical upkeep throughout the year, and dedicate a couple of hours doing so.  Replace light bulbs, air filters, fire alarm batteries, schedule pest control, maintenance or check your windows/garage lock system.

Putting a little time aside for 10 days to dedicate to checking something off your spring cleaning list can make a big impact in no time at all.  De-stress, de-clutter and get ready to take on the rest of 2017 in style; be house proud and stay house beautiful.

For an extensive spring cleaning list, check out this blog.

Happy spring cleaning from everyone here at Panoramic Doors!