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We live the majority of our relaxation time in our bedroom, we relax, watch TV, dress there and get ready for the day ahead.  It’s hard to make big changes with busy lives and small budgets so that’s why we love cost-effective, easy tweaks that can make a big impression. It’s time to transform your bedroom!  Always start your project by looking at what you may have laying around; perhaps you have items in the garage or storage; think of ways to recycle or re-use them for different purposes.  Keep an eye out for quirky cool pieces and use resources such as Pinterest for inspiration.


Taking the time to re-think the positioning of your bedroom furniture is a great place to start in any re-design project.  Think of ways to downsize what you already have or re-arrange it in a more strategic fashion; it costs nothing and takes just a little labor!  Consider where you can re-position your bed, side tables, storage units and book shelves.  Click HERE for inspiration on how to arrange your furniture like a pro!  It’s small changes like this that can really get a re-design project off the ground and ready for the fun, creative stuff!


Make a powerful design choice in your bedroom by introducing an accent wall.  They’re a fantastic way of breaking up the traditional and often boring 4 wall room as well as a great way to play around with color in a new way.  Traditionally, accent walls are vibrant and rich and add an extra element of depth to your living space, but it’s entirely down to style preference; neutral calming tones can work just as well.  I found this awesome technique which is really easy to achieve, all you need is some paint, tape (you can decide the width), and a little creative flair!  Follow this technique and create your very own personalized graphic!


As a homeowner, I love bringing indoor plants home for various reasons; not only do they have multiple added health benefits, but also the natural ability to brighten and charm any bedroom space.  Use them to add color to your room or to create a fresh and relaxing ambiance.  I’m a huge fan of orchids, simply because they last a long time, look beautiful and smell fantastic.  Check out these stylish ways to incorporate indoor plants into your living space.


Create a well thought out shelf display by using items that speak to you and your personality.  Stacked books coupled with other key pieces can look really stylish.  Check out stores like Pier One Imports for cool, wacky pieces at a reasonable price; the beach is also another fantastic place to pick up some nice items.  I like to look for antique, vintage-style items that can often be picked up from your local thrift store, just be sure not to over-do it, have a clear vision in mind, play around with the positioning and stagger the heights of your chosen items.


Your bedroom is your private space, so it makes sense to surround yourself with things that make you happy.  I’m a big fan of using a variety of frames and family pics to create a wall gallery, but check out this modern spin on your regular wall gallery.  All you need to do is print some of your favorite pictures (walmart.com is perfect for ordering prints for as little as 2 cents a piece and you can pick them up with the hour), use wooden clothes pegs to attach the photos to some strong  yarn and hang!  Achieve this awesome look by following this tutorial.


Wall clocks play an important part of the interior design process and are another fantastic way to add charm to your bedroom.  It’s pretty amazing what you can find out there when you get to looking, the variety is quite incredible!  There’s so many options from classic pieces to ‘off-the-wall’ statement clocks, you’re sure to find something trendy, luxurious looking and within budget.  You can choose from mechanical clocks, quartz clocks or electronic clocks… Whatever your design aesthetic, a cool wall clock is sure to add some special appeal to your bedroom re-design project.  Check out this amazing DIY wall clock project on Pinterest!


Choosing the correct lighting can take a little thought.  You want to create a room that encourages natural light throughout the day, but something that creates the perfect ambiance when it’s time to rest.  I’m a fan of anything unusual, so this skateboard light is right up my street!  It’s cool, unique and again adds another interesting design element to your bedroom.  Achieve this amazing look by following this tutorial!


Consider creating an attention grabbing focal point, a feature piece that makes a BOLD statement.  This can really transform a regular bedroom into something quite special.  I love this disco ball looking chandelier, it really captures your attention and gives your space a special edge!  The use of dramatic headboards is another fantastic way to create some bedroom WOW factor.  Check out this Pinterest board for some DIY headboard inspiration.


Updating your bedroom artwork can be another great way to personalize your bedroom!  If you’re lucky enough to have a healthy budget, splurge out on well thought-out high-end pieces.  If, like most, you’re balling on a budget, why not try your hand at creating your very own artwork.  Buy a few basic wooden picture frames in a variety of sizes (preferably patterned/detailed ones), pick up some sample paint from any home improvement store and give them a vibrant matte finish.  Place them on your wall to create this awesome feature!  Alternatively, try placing patterned wallpaper samples in frames, they look fantastic and can be achieved for next to nothing in cost.  It’s all about playing around with positioning, not over-doing it and smart use of color!


Last but not least, switch out your soft furnishings.  This can make a huge difference and offers a great opportunity to play around with various patterns, textures and color.  Be fearless!  Patterns don’t necessarily need to ‘match’ to look great; adding layers and depth with color can work wonders.  Invest in items that contrast beautifully with the rest of your room.  Don’t just stop at updating your bed linens, think beyond that!  Switch up your curtains, lampshades, and invest in some decorative throws and pillows!

Using some, or all of these design tips will without a doubt transform your space into something quite special, it will in fact look like an entirely different room all together and all for little cost.  Whether you choose to invest in high-end pieces, or you’re a DIY enthusiast, make a few of these updates and you’ll be thrilled with the end result!

Got your own bedroom update idea?  We want to know!  Leave us a suggestion in our comments box.