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Beautifully designed.
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Signature Aluminum door

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Commercial Room Dividers

Enhancing Business Spaces

Discover adaptive solutions for business and commercial properties with high-quality door panels designed to maximize space, enhance viewpoints, and create an unforgettable panoramic experience for visitors, customers, and staff.

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Expanding Commercial Spaces, Enriching Client Experience

Business space is a premium, especially in prime locations and popular commercial districts. This is why our doors are more than just an entry point. The panoramic you need to utilize the full capacity of your property or unit, Panoramic Door’s bespoke range offers more than just an entry point, with style and creativity to customize room shapes for a range of set-ups, activities, and occasions. Our solutions also include commercial room dividers that enhance the functionality and privacy of your space, allowing for multiple activities to occur simultaneously without interference.

Discover The Nation’s Award Winning Door Specialist

We're a nationwide Panoramic team with 21 showrooms across 13 states. View a range of designs and discuss your next project with our expert team. If you cannot visit us in-store at one of our US-based locations, you can view the full range of our premium products in the 2022 Digital Brochure.

Transforming Businesses and Commercial Spaces

Our Panoramic Doors are more than just a point of entry. Using our bespoke Slide-Pivot-Stack system, our sliding doors are the viewpoint, traffic flow, noise control, and privacy shield of your commercial space, fully adaptable to the needs of your business. Moreover, they serve as elegant commercial room dividers, ensuring that your space can be transformed to accommodate different events or functions with ease.

Sound Control Office Spaces

Explore a range of sophisticated designs suited to the decor of many office spaces, allowing total expansion for open-planned set-ups or bringing the team together for a noise-controlled, collaborative environment. Our commercial room divider panels are the perfect addition to any workspace looking to enhance functionality and privacy without sacrificing style

Create Privacy For Treatment Spaces

Easy operation, economical, and convenient. Commercial room dividers are an accessible solution for adapting spaces on demand and coordinating total privacy and treatment needs. 

Versatile Panel Transition For Workspaces

Discover how Panormiac Doors Slide Pivot and Stack engineering aligned seamlessly with Work2gether's ethos of adaptability and functionality beyond the walls of traditional office spaces. Considering the clientele, conventional bi-fold doors or low-budget free-standing dividers address the necessity for collaborative coworking spaces, balanced with the need for quiet, private meeting nooks.

Movable Classrooms

Customize study spaces to enhance learning experiences with break-out rooms, lecture halls, and adaptable classroom set-ups! Our portable room dividers support the changing needs and activities of the education sector in one seamless operation, providing minimal disruption to teaching schedules. Additionally, our commercial room dividers for churches are versatile enough to be used in various educational environments, ensuring privacy and flexibility for both students and educators.

Perfect Solution For Hospitality Experiences

Guest experience is a top priority in the hospitality industry, creating a personalized guest experience for VIP events or intimate occasions with complete control of noise, air, and foot traffic with high-quality room dividers. 


Working within the capacity of the current commercial space, our Panoramic Doors team introduced a seamless shift from open offices and classrooms to intimate working areas for meetings, presentations, or focus zones, redefining the boundaries of the workspace and spatial boundaries on demand for a range of business activities.

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More Than Just a Traditional Sliding Door

For over a decade, the Panoramic Door’s team has been enhancing the rooms of residential and business spaces, offering bespoke room dividers as part of our award-winning sliding door range. 

Room Dividers For Embracing The View

With a wide selection of glass door treatments in our panel range, your room divider is uniquely crafted to help you enjoy the world around you while maximizing heat efficiency and protection from the elements with glass tint and shielding features. 

Property Security With Commercially Graded Materials

Secure the assets crucial to business operations, ensuring total staff security, equipment, and property infrastructure with panels developed for long-lasting performance and enhanced security protection. 

Control For Commercial Spaces

Create the perfect environment for productivity! The Slide-Pivot-Stack panel range provides a solid structure to direct airflow for ultimate climate control, with enforced insulation, sound noise reduction, and minimal disruption of outside disruption.