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Subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this Warranty, Panoramic Doors, LLC (“Panoramic”) warrants that it will repair or supply replacement parts for Panoramic doors, window or screen products (“Product”) manufactured with defects in materials or workmanship that substantially impair Product performance during the periods described below. Panoramic shall be afforded good faith discretion in determining appropriate warranty coverage.

Frame: 10 years from manufacture date.

Insulated Glass Unit (“IGU”): 10 years from manufacture date. An IGU defect manifests as a significant visual obstruction resulting from film, fog or moisture collection on the interior glass surfaces caused by failure of the hermetic seal.

Hardware: Five (5) years from manufacture date. Hardware includes all magnet systems, wheel systems, panel interlocking systems, hinge systems, door handles, cylinders, dead bolt systems and associated parts.

Frame & Hardware Finishes: 10 years from the manufacture date for powder coat, PVC and laminated finishes; three (3) years for anodized finishes; or three (3) years for any Product installed within two (2) miles of the ocean or other harsh environment. A finish defect manifests as substantial cracking, chipping, peeling or other loss of adhesion of the finish material. 

Wood Cladding: Five (5) years from manufacture date, provided a wood sealant is appropriately applied to the wood cladding no more than seven (7) days after the Product is delivered.

Retractable Pleated Insect Screen: Five (5) years from manufacture date if screen is installed with a Panoramic Door System.


The remedies contained in this Warranty are the exclusive remedy for any claim related to the Product regardless of legal theory, and the warranty holder waives any claim for relief beyond this Warranty. Panoramic’s liability is limited to the amount of the purchase price of the affected Product (not including installation costs). PANORAMIC DISCLAIMS ALL OTHER EXPRESS AND IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. IN NO EVENT WILL PANORAMIC BE LIABLE FOR INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL, INDIRECT, SPECIAL OR CONTINGENT DAMAGES. Some States or Federal law may not allow the disclaimer of implied warranties or exclusion of incidental or consequential damages, so the above disclaimers or limitations may not apply to you. This Warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights which vary from State to State.


You Must inspect the product upon delivery, and before installation. Do not install damaged or nonconforming Product. If there is an issue, contact your sales representative or us directly within three (3) days of delivery or unpacking. If an issue arises after installation, submit a claim to www.panoramicdoors.com/support or call (760)-616-5018. Claims should include contact information, proof of purchase, a description of the issue(s), photographs and/or videos and a response to any follow-up inquiry from Panoramic. All warranty claims must be reported within 30 days of discovery and prior to expiration of the warranty coverage period.

Panoramic has no obligation under the Warranty unless it is first provided notice and an opportunity to respond. Panoramic will acknowledge receipt of a warranty claim and work to complete any warranty claim within a reasonable time. If repair or replacement is not commercially feasible or cannot be timely made, Panoramic may refund the purchase price of the Product (not including installation costs) in full satisfaction of its obligations. Replacement parts or material may not be an aesthetic match to the original.

This Warranty does not include removal, replacement, repainting, refinishing and repairs to materials adjacent to the Product (e.g. stucco, flooring, drywall) or any incidental costs associated with the repair or replacement of any Product (e.g. scaffolding, lifts). Labor will not be provided if Panoramic cannot safely and reasonably access the Product.

Any action taken or material supplied by Panoramic does not create a new warranty or extend the duration of the original warranty term. This Warranty may only be changed or modified in writing by an authorized corporate executive of Panoramic.


This Warranty does not cover conditions or damage caused by:

  • Handling,  storage or installation of the Product; external force or impact; structural stresses such as settlement, heave or other movement of the structure; aftermarket tints, coatings, films or other modifications; improper use; acts of God; acts or omissions of third parties or any other factor outside of Panoramic Doors’ control.
  • Normal wear and tear; failure to follow Panoramic Doors’ published care & maintenance requirements; failure to routinely remove dirt, dust and debris; lack of use; flaws or deficiencies in building design or construction.
  • Minor paint or anodizing finish imperfections which do not impair operation, including slight scratches, lines, and surface imperfections not detected or visible from a distance of 10 feet.
  • Thermal expansion, contraction, or movement of the Product due to varying environmental conditions such as exposure to direct sunlight, variances in indoor and outdoor temperatures, humidity, or condensation; exposure to conditions beyond published performance data or which are temporary or do not adversely impair the continued functionality of the Product.
  • Water intrusion or air infiltration resulting from factors not related to the Product, including, but not limited to, failure to design and construct an appropriate drainage management and flashing system, failure to provide an adequate overhang, modifications which affect drainage such as ADA compliant add-ons, and exposure to high moisture environments such as swimming pools.
  • Water intrusion and air infiltration at the sill of any Product with a flush track or any product with an in-swing configuration.
  • Minor glass imperfections that are allowable under applicable ASTM C1036, ASTM C1048, ASTM C1172 and ASTM C1376, or other applicable industry standards; gas fill or retention levels.
  • Contact with excessive heat, including but not limited to construction equipment, cigarette ash, matches, cigarette lighter, sparks, grills or hot cooking utensils.
  • Exposure to a corrosive environment, including those caused by chemicals or environmental conditions, such as air pollutants, acid rain, salt spray/air, hard water, brick wash, muriatic acid, direct contact with concrete or stucco.

There is no coverage under this Warranty for:

  • Product used, installed or transported to an elevation between 4,500 and 9,999 feet, unless Panoramic was notified at or before the time of sale so that breather tubes could be installed to protect against damage due to elevation change.
  • Product installed at elevations 10,000 feet or higher.
  • Screens installed with Product not manufactured by Panoramic or screens installed on the exterior of a Product or structure.
  • Wood cladding attached to the exterior side of the Product, or interior wood cladding if a wood sealant is not appropriately applied within seven (7) days after the Product is delivered.
  • IGUs not sold by Panoramic.
  • Product not installed within 120 days of delivery.
  • Product in an order which is not paid for in full.


Wood cladding is provided to the purchaser in an unfinished condition and a wood sealant must be appropriately applied to the wood cladding within seven (7) days of Product delivery. Contact a wood sealant supplier for more information.

The insertion of gases, such as argon, into an IGU can improve the thermal performance of a Product. Given the nature of such gases and the technology available to use them, gas retention or fill levels may vary.

It is the purchaser’s sole responsibility to determine if the Product is suitable for the desired use and application, including, but not limited to, code compliance and environmental conditions.

Panoramic Retractable Screens are designed solely to allow natural ventilation and to provide protection against small insects. They have a flexible mesh screen that should be kept in a retracted position when not in use. The screen should also be retracted during windy conditions and other inclement weather or damage may occur. Screens will not prevent the fall of a person or child.

Some Panoramic models have been laboratory tested in accordance with AAMA and NFRC standards. While Panoramic manufactures its product using the same components and methods as used in the manufacture of the tested product, it does not warrant its test results because manufacturing tolerances and installation can affect in-field performance.

Installation instructions, care & maintenance instructions and other helpful documents are available
at www.panoramicdoors.com/support.