Installation Manual
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Preparing the Opening for Installation

The first step to a proper installation of the Panoramic door or window is making sure you have a properly prepared opening. Having a properly prepared opening will make the installation quicker and easier. Warning: Failure to prepare the opening properly may render the door inoperable.

Frame Assembly and Installation

Assembling your Panoramic Door/Window frame is simple and straight forward. Special attention needs to be paid to the jambs to confirm you distinguish between the swing door jamb and the non-swing door jamb. Make sure to take all the time necessary to ensure the bottom track and top track are level, flat, and inline with each other.

Installing the Main Swing Panel

Once you have properly installed your frame, the next step is to install the master door or window panel.

Note: To protect yourself and your door, two people are required for door or window panel installation.

Installing the Sliding Panels

After installing your main swing panel, you will now install the remaining panels.

Note: The panel that is adjacent to the master panel is different from all others.

Completing Installation and Trouble Shooting Install

In this final video, you will learn how to properly position and secure the jambs to insure a tight weather seal.

In the troubleshooting section, you will find answers to most installation problems.