Trouble Shooting
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Angled Gasket Installation

Installing the angled gasket is a simple task. Find the grooves closest to the edges of each panel on its male side. Start at the top and press the gasket into the groove. Then use the roller to help seat the gasket firmly into place. Repeat this process for each angled gasket. Two per male side of each panel, a single extra on the female side of the key door. This single fits into the groove opposite the direction in the operational door swings. Angled gasket installation is now complete.

Block Replacement

To replace the blocks on your panoramic doors. Locate the top pivot block on a panel, unscrew the two hexagon bolts, and remove it through the side of its track. Replace it with the new block into the same track and resecure it with the hexagon bolts. This is the same process on the top of all panels except the operational door, where you'll find the main swing block on the bottom of each panel. The process is repeated for the pivot side block, which has a hole for the pin, and the non-pivot side block. Remove bolts, replace blocks, and resecure with the hexagon bolts.

Replacing the Door Restrictor

To replace the door restrictor on your operational door. You do not need to remove any door panels. Simply open the operational door, remove the screw in the washer that attaches the restrictor to the top track, then unscrew the four screws that secure the restrictor piece to the top of the door and pry it out. Now tap the new restrictor in and replace the four screws. And finally, line up the restrictor to the hole in the top track and replace the screw in the washer. The door restrictor should now operate properly and its installation is complete.