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Absolute Vinyl Door

Stylish vinyl doors designed to give you options and efficiency.
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Easy to Match, Incredibly Strong Vinyl Doors.

Your Vision, Our Vinyl. Perfect Match.   

Featuring the same clean design and beauty as our Signature Aluminum Doors, the Absolute Vinyl Door is a great option to match new or existing vinyl windows. Designed with high-quality aluminum re-enforced extruded vinyl, it is crafted for strength & performance. If you want a two-tone experience, you can select different options for your interior and exterior color and finish. This unique ability lets you design your room-to-room transitions to fit perfectly in any space. Special attention is paid to the doors thermal efficiency making this one of our most energy efficient options.

Your vision is our blueprint. The Absolute Vinyl Door offers a customizable canvas, allowing you to create perfect harmony between your unique style and the surrounding environment. From panel configurations to finishes, every detail is an opportunity to express your narrative. The Absolute Vinyl Door is available with two different main door placements. You can have your main door on the systems right or left sides. 

What makes the Absolute Vinyl Door distinctive?

Thermal Efficiency

Thermal efficiency is an essential factor to consider when evaluating the performance of doors, especially when it comes to energy conservation and maintaining comfortable indoor environments. Vinyl doors are known for their insulation properties and resistance to heat transfer, which can contribute to their overall thermal efficiency. Panoramic Doors vinyl doors are

Cost Effective

Absolute Vinyl Doors are priced competitively when compared to other similar bi-fold doors. This makes it a tremendous first-door option when you want to bring the Panoramic Door style to your home without compromising on performance.

Residential Case Study

Absolute Vinyl Door

Carmel By The Sea, CA

See how this California home fitted their gorgeous seaside home with 8 Panoramic Doors. The open doors perfectly bridge the gap between indoor and out with full views of their lush property.

Product Details

+ Made in America

+ 10 Year Warranty

+ Hingeless construction

+ "Slide-Pivot-Stack" patented design

+ Interlocking tongue-n-groove for superior seal and security

+ Master swing door on every system

+ Concealed multi-point locking system for ease of operation and security

+ Screen option for year-round comfort and protection


Key Features

  • High-quality aluminum re-enforced extruded vinyl for strength & performance
  • Option to choose different interior and exterior finishes
  • High thermal efficiency
  • Standard color white
  • Upgrade color beige
  • Laminated colors bronze and black

Absolute Vinyl Specs

Max System Width
19.5 ft
Max System Height
8 ft
Max Panel Width
38 in
Swing Door One End
Swing Door Both (Butterfly)
0.17 - 0.18


High Quality Vinyl

Your door is built using only the highest quality vinyl formulated for years of direct sunlight and all weather conditions.

Standard Color

Upgrade Color

Laminated Vinyl

Add color to your vinyl door with laminate. Our laminate is heat reflective and perfect for all climates.

Laminate Colors



Cityscape White

Lakeview Black

Lakeview Silver

Summit Keyless Entry - Black

Estate Black

Estate Silver

Lakeview Silver

Summit Keyless Entry - Silver

Summit Keyless Entry - Black

Estate Silver


Upstand Track
+ 1” High Track Base
+ 3/4” Upstep
+ 2.71” Width
+ Clear Anodized Aluminum
+ Weather Tested
+ Thermal Break

Flush Track
+ 1” High Track Base
+ 2.71” Width
+ Clear Anodized Aluminum
+ Black Anodized Aluminum
+ Thermal Break